Benefits of a Check Fulfillment Service

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April 18, 2019
Many firms are now contemplating using a check fulfillment service as a way to reduce their costs. But that’s not the only benefit in using such a service! here is a list of the top benefits in using a check fulfillment service like Checkflo.

Even in today’s digital age, writing & mailing checks is still necessary for a lot of businesses. But the process of writing & mailing checks can be frustrating, making it a chore that many people dread. A solution could be a check fulfillment service such as Checkflo! We can handle the process of writing & mailing checks for you. Here are a few of the benefits of a check fulfillment service:

No need to stock checks

Checkflo’s service eliminates the burden of maintaining a steady supply stock of checks. Just imagine the effort required to stock all the different types of pre-printed & blank checks for multiple bank accounts and multiple clients.  If you’re not using a check fulfillment service such as Checkflo, your office shelves and drawers will be chalked full of all kinds of pre–printed/blank checks. Once you follow the simple process of setting up check payments in QuickBooks online – simply select which bank account you want to make the payment from and allow Checkflo to take care of the rest.

As an accountant serving numerous clients, it’s a tedious task to prepare all those pre-printed blank checks for every client and for each of their bank accounts. Once you integrate with Checkflo all your clients companies and bank accounts can be added into one central management system, unlocking the ability to print checks anywhere and at any time. All these checks you create in QuickBooks online will be pulled into Checkflo and will be ready to be printed, processed and mailed in one simple click. Therefore there will be no need to hold onto an inventory of pre-printed or blank paper checks.

Avoid loading and reloading pre-printed checks

In the situation where you have to print multiple checks for numerous clients using different bank accounts. You would be stuck loading your printer tray multiple times each day with different pre- printed and blank checks. For example if you need to issue payroll checks from a particular bank, you will have to load all those checks into your printer. Then you would need to load up another set  pre printed checks for your next client in your print batch which is all very time consuming. All while making sure you’re using the correct blank or pre-printed check for that specific client because mistakes can be costly!

Taking advantage of Checkflo’s check fulfillment service will help you print every type of check without all the usual hassles of loading pre-printed or blank checks into your printer, the need to replace the ink cartridges and avoid mistakes.

Hassle free checks that sync with QuickBooks

Checkflo provides a hassle free service since all the check payment information is pulled directly from QuickBooks. This means that it’s simpler to reconcile these payments for each client at the end of the month since the data already entered into QuickBooks, instead of being uploaded at the end of the month when using pre-printed or blank checks. Once you integrate Checkflo to QuickBooks online you  choose the bank account, the payee and we take care of the rest. Even though Checkflo functions as add on software, it performs not as add on software but as an inevitable part of QuickBooks online for paying by check.

Comparison of pre-printed checks with Checkflo

Every savvy business owner looks to lower the cost of their operations in part of his or her’s business. Checkflo’s check fulfillment service reduces your check costs and helps improve your bottom line.

A comparison between printing your own checks and using Checkflo shows that if you’re spending $0.25 to $0.42 per check plus the stamp, the envelope and the time needed to process the check. The total cost can add up quick to around 2.50$ to 3$ per check versus 1.99$ per check with Checkflo. Even if you are printing less than 100 checks per month still you save around $50 to 100$ per month on top of the convenience.

There are well over 300,000 accounting professionals worldwide who use QuickBooks online. A majority of them are in need of a solution to avoid having to write and sign innumerable number of paper checks and would rather outsource their check printing process to Checkflo. Integrate your QuickBooks online account with Checkflo to simplify your process, and start printing and mail checks with ease today.

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