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A Simple & Powerful Accounts Payable Automation Solution


When paying with paper checks is business as usual, Checkflo is the most effective way to pay your business bills.  Automate your check payment processing to accelerate payments and reduce your overall check printing and mailing costs by 50% or more.

We offer several methods to integrate your payment data with Checkflo. Select your preferred integration method, and gain 24/7 access to your secure cloud-based portal for payment processing, real-time reporting and status updates.

Sign up with QuickBooks Online Account

If you would like to integrate Checkflo App with your QuickBooks Online account to automate your QuickBooks checks printing and mailing, click the button below.

Checkflo app for quickbooks users - how does it work

Create an Online Business Account

If you would like to use Checkflo but you aren’t a QuickBooks Online user, Checkflo offers CSV data file upload and API integration as alternative uploading methods.

Checkflo Online Business Account

Sign up and account setup process:


  1. Create an Account
    There are two options:
  2. Add and Setup Bank Account Information:
    • Bank Account Number, Routing Number, Bank Address
    • Upload a Signature image
  3. Send Check Payments.
    There are three options:
    • Import Check Payments from your QuickBooks Account
    • Upload a CSV file with Check Payment Information
    • Submit Check Payments using Checkflo’s API Service.
Checkflo Sign up and Setup Account Process
Checkflo Sign up and Setup Account Process