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When paper checks are your go-to business payment method, Checkflo offers the most effective way to handle your MICR check and document printing and disbursement. Automate your check payment processing to speed up payments and cut your check printing and mailing expenses by 50% or more.

Security You Can Trust

At Checkflo, we combine efficiency with robust security. By teaming up with industry leaders and adhering to key certifications, we guarantee the utmost security and reliability in our processes:

  1. LexisNexis Risk Solutions: Identity Verification and Authentication.
  2. TeleCheck: Check Verification & Fraud Prevention.
  3. SOC 2 Certification: High Data Security & Privacy Standards.
  4. HIPAA Certification: Health Information Privacy & Security Compliance.

Flexible Integration Options

Checkflo caters to the diverse needs of businesses with several integration options, each tailored to different operational scales and preferences. Our check printing and mailing services are accessible through three primary methods:

  • Cloud-Based Platform: Easily create checks online using our intuitive check writing software or upload payment data via CSV files.
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: Sync your QuickBooks Online account with Checkflo for seamless check payment disbursement and reconciliation.
  • API Integration: Tailored for high-volume, integrated payment solutions, our robust API allows seamless incorporation into your existing systems.

Sign up with QuickBooks Online

Click below to integrate Checkflo with  your QuickBooks Online account  for seamless check printing and mailing.

Checkflo app for quickbooks users - how does it work

Create an Online Business Account

Create custom checks using our secure check writer or upload payment data through  CSV file upload  or integrate through our Advanced API. Click below to get started.

Checkflo Online Business Account

How to Send Check Payments with Checkflo:


  1. Create and Verify Your Corporate Account:
    There are two options:


  2. Setup Your Check Issuance Account/s:
    • Add Bank Address, Routing Number, and Bank Account Number
    • Upload a Signature Image
    • Customize a Check Template and Stub for Each Bank Account
    • Add Signing Officers and Payment Approval Rules for Each Account
  3. Send Check Payments via First Class Mail or FedEx Overnight: 
    There are four options to submit payment data:


    • Write checks instantly from a saved payee list
    • Upload a CSV file with Check Payment Information
    • Import Check Payments from Your QuickBooks Account
    • Submit Check Payments and Documents using our API Services
Checkflo Sign up and Setup Account Process
Checkflo Sign up and Setup Account Process
  1. Access Advanced Reporting and Real-Time Tracking for Your Check Payments:
    • Batch Report: Summarizes batch details, signing officer approval, and processing status.
    • Check Report: Displays key check information, delivery status, and PDF copy of check.
    • Bank Check Report: Lists issued checks per bank account for easy reconciliation.
    • Positive Pay Report: Easily created to match bank standards for quick submission.
    • Ad Hoc Search: Customizable data analysis with specific filters for tailored business intelligence insights

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