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Use Checkflo to pay any person or company in the US or Canada with a few clicks online, using only their mailing address.

Checkflo - Secure Check Printing and Mailing Service - Soc 2 and HIPAA Compliant

Print and mail your check payments with ease!

Checkflo’s streamlined check fulfillment service can eliminate your check processing bottlenecks & reduce your costs. Checkflo has everything you need, all in one place. We print, stuff, lick, stamp and mail your business checks for only $1.99. it includes postage, check paper and everything else needed to print checks securely. No need to keep stamps, check-stock or envelopes on hand. Just select the checks you want printed & mailed and we’ll take care of the rest.

Automate your accounts payable with Checkflo! Our app syncs directly with QuickBooks Online, therefore you spend less time on double data entry when it’s time to reconcile your checking account & the books will always be accurate and up to date with the most recent expenses paid by check.

The Cost of Printing Your Own Checks VS Online Check Printing and Mailing with Checkflo

Old Way

Check Printing & Mailing

  • Monthly Materials: $500
  • Monthly Postage: $335
  • Monthly Labour: $1,280


Check Printing & Mailing

* $199 per check printed & mailed:

    • High security check stock
    • Branded checks
    • 1 day dispatch
    • Positive Pay report
    • Reporting & tracking
*Based on 500 checks a month and a three employee review process
Drive down the cost and reduce the time your team spends on check printing and mailing with our trusted, secure and reliable check printing and mailing solution—all without going into the office. Send the payments you want, when you want in minutes. Get everything you need to issue and send checks as easy as possible.

Our check printing and mailing services make processing checks easy and secure with:

  • Same-day check printing and mailing
  • Can be set up with multiple bank accounts
  • An approval system that lets you securely review & approve checks anytime, anywhere.
  • Advanced security features on our pressure seal check stock
  • Checkflo doesn’t pull the funds from your bank account! We simply print your banking details on the check and mail them on your behalf! No need to preapprove or pre-fund.

Checkflo’s Features

Pay as you go

There’s no monthly fee or minimum you pay for what you print with Checkflo.

Marketing opportunities

Checkflo can add your company’s logo and include promotional banner as part of your check, turning ordinary check payments into marketing touch points!

Streamlined check service

No need to keep stamps, check-stock or envelopes! and no need to waste time at the post office, just select the checks you want printed & mailed and we’ll take care of the rest.

Ultimate Flexibility

Ultimate flexibility in being able to send out checks anytime, anywhere without the hassle associated with paper checks.

The Checkflo Process In Action

Checkflo is the easiest way to pay your business bills online.
Automate your accounts payable and reduce your overall check printing and mailing costs by 50% or more.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

We’re proud of contributing to the success of our merchants. See how Checkflo has helped small & big businesses with their payments!

Checkflo - Web Application

Check Payment Software

Same Day Print and Mail: $1.99 per check




(30 reviews)

Saves time and is secure

Tina2019 QuickBook's Online user QuickBooks AppStore July 22, 2019

Excellent app for a small to medium sized business looking to eliminate the process of printing and mailing checks. Very easy to use and great customer support.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great Service!

ClickPointSoftware QuickBook's Online user QuickBooks AppStore May 21, 2020

This app has made it so easy for us to pay our vendors by check. It saves us so much time now that we no longer have to mail out checks ourselves. The checks arrive in a timely manner, and we have had zero issues. Plus, the customer service is wonderful. They are quick to respond to any questions you might have, and always willing to assist. We definitely recommend this project.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Checkflo Benefits

Flexible Bank & Check Options

Sync with Accounting Software

Advanced Tracking & Reporting

Advanced Check Security Features

Branding Options

Checks Printed using MICR Technology


Payment Approvals

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