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Print and Mail API

You can now integrate Checkflo’s check and document print and mail capabilities into your own web or desktop applications with an easy to use check mailing API from Checkflo!

The Checkflo check mailing API is a powerful tool allowing for the easy integration between your back-office systems and the Checkflo platform form same day check prinitng and mailing.

  • Fully automate check writing and payment management by utilizing our REST API integration.
  • Use standard HTTPS POST requests within your native system language or through various command line tools.
  • Responses are returned in  JSON format.
  • Test your code with our fully functional sandbox environment to ensure accuracy prior to going live.

Checkflo’s API Services:

Automate Check Writing, Disbursement, and Reporting


The REST API feature “Upload Checks” provided by Checkflo delivers the following advantages:

  • Seamless integration for merchants through our REST API.
  • Streamlines the creation of checks from payment data, offering end-to-end automation.
  • Option to retrieve ready-to-print PDF checks ensuring security and efficiency.
  • Independence from changes and updates, ensuring consistent functionality.
  • Pass custom check data.


Send Financial Documents & Direct Mail Campaigns


Full-Function Document API: Manages the full lifecycle of document printing and mailing via API.

    “Document Type” Feature: Enhances document customization and modification, allowing for conditional handling based on ‘document type’ labels. This feature supports actions like:

    -Attaching documents to checks.

    -Inserting additional pages, triggered by predefined rules or specific codes.

    -Adding OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) for inserting purposes.

    -Performing address verification and correction.

    -Adding IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) for enhanced tracking and sorting.

    “Send By” Feature: Provides flexibility in delivery options, enabling users to specify the preferred method of delivery for each document or batch, ensuring they reach their intended recipients as intended.


    Create and Manage Primary and Sub-Accounts


    The REST API feature “Create Merchant Account” offered by Checkflo presents the following benefits:


    • Effortless creation of new client (merchant) accounts, particularly beneficial for merchants with multiple clients or companies.
    • Capability for merchants to add banks associated with the created accounts on behalf of their clients.
    • Provision for merchants to include a signature  of the Signing Officer.

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