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January 21, 2019
When it comes to taking security measures, it is much better to be safe than sorry and that’s why Checkflo invested in the most advanced security features needed for check printing & mailing service.

The usefulness of paper checks is abundantly clear and as long as this method of payment  continues to remain in use, it is important that your business finds ways to make sure they are as secure as possible. When it comes to taking security measures, it is much better to be safe than sorry and that’s why Checkflo invested in the most advanced security features needed for check printing & mailing service.

Checkflo’s check printing & mailing service offers a wide variety of advanced security features that can help keep your business protected. By taking the time to understand the various security features currently available, you can significantly mitigate your risk of fraud!

All checks sent by Checkflo include 7 security features

1. Toner Fuse:

Our checks have a special coating that allows laser toner to adhere to the paper more effectively. When counterfeiters try to lift off type with tape,

the check paper comes with it, destroying the check and any hope of changing information on it.

2. Docucheck watermark:

When our checks are held up to any light, a Docucheck watermark will appear (pressed into the paper at the mill). In addition to the watermark we use four colored backgrounds for added security. If you attempt to photocopy this check, the check background will not appear as colored. This dual-tone watermark is virtually impossible to replicate, and provides instant authenticity of the document.

3. Heat sensitive Toner:

Counterfeiters hate this one! Checkflo’s checks use a Thermochromatic toner that disappears when heated. On the right side of the signature is a heat sensitive area that fades from red to yellow when warmed by touch or breath, allowing immediate authentication, and guards against the use of solvents and color photocopying.

4. Chemical reactivity:

This detection field on the check easily reveals the use of ink eradication solvents. Normally white in color, it will display the obvious color change on the check as a result of attempted “check washing”

5. Invisible Fluorescent fibers:

That Color copiers can’t reproduce this! When checks are held under an ultraviolet black light, the UV light-sensitive fibers glow.

6. Microprint Warning Band Border:

Visible only with a magnifying glass, this micro-printed text can’t be reproduced with a copier. The printed text is so fine; it appears as a normal line on the face of the check!

7. MICR Toner:

Magnetic Toner Character Recognition is a character recognition system that uses special toner and characters to provide a much higher level of security and a decreased exposure to check fraud. MICR provides a secure, high-speed method of scanning and processing to ensure security and legitimacy with banks.

Additional Security Features

Secure Envelopes

All of our checks are sent in pressure sealed envelopes, which prevents sensitive information from being read through when held up to the light.

Secure & easy to use client portal

Our team has developed a robust user-friendly client portal for our customers to use at their convenience. The system is available on our secure URL with login credentials. We take pride in providing the highest security to our clients.

World Class Compliance

Checkflo is fully PCI DSS 3.2 compliant, which is the key security standard within the payments industry. Our PCI ASV is Qualy (PCI – Payment Card Industry, DSS -Data Security Standard).


All sensitive data is encrypted using AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) with regular encryption key rotation. It is one of the most secure encryption methods, and is used in most modern encryption algorithms, protocols and technologies including AES and SSL.

Data Management

Checkflo customer data is located on the AWS cloud servers, which is a fully redundant, load balanced configuration across three geographic locations.


All of Checkflo traffic goes over TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security). We perform regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing following OWASP best practices.


Overall, the need to have a variety of check security features is something that ought to be universally apparent. Check fraud is a growing problem and one that is expected to continue growing over time. Fortunately, this problem is something that can be actively mitigated by making the right choices in advance. Because cashing and receiving checks is essential for many businesses’ day to day operations, there are currently more useful security features available than ever before. By making the decision to upgrade your security, you can be much better prepared for the future.

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