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Automated Check and Document Mailing Solutions

Checkflo is your premier partner for comprehensive check mailing solutions, whether you need to send  checks overnight, want to track your check deliveries with precision, or seeking a dependable standard delivery service. Now, we also offer the capability to include attachments with your checks for added convenience.

    • First-Class Mail Delivery: Typically takes 5-10 business days via USPS.
    • FedEx Overnight Delivery: Overnight your check payments with the lowest FedEx rates in the market, guaranteed.
    • Canada Post Delivery: Efficiently send checks to Canada utilizing local rates for your cross border payments.

Unrivalled Efficiency and Speed!

Check orders received before 1pm EST are processed, printed, and mailed the same day, from Monday to Friday. All checks submitted before the cut-off time are presorted into USPS the same evening.

Addess Verification and Correction

Checkflo’s USPS integration verifies addresses in real-time, ensuring accurate check payments delivery. This reduces fraud, cuts costs, and speeds up processing, with immediate notifications for any returned mail to enhance efficiency.

Automated Mail Handling

Keep track of your check payments with real-time processing and package delivery tracking. We integrate with top shipping carriers and offer automated mail handling, facilitated by our expert and trained staff for quality assurance.

Just As If You Sent Them

Checks are imprinted with your company’s banking details, ensuring total security and the correct handling of your payments. With your business listed as the return address, it appears as though the checks were sent directly by you, maintaining a professional touch!

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Get discounted shipping rates and ship via any of our integrated carriers to ensure your checks are delivered on time, every time.

Carrier Destination Estimated time of delivery (ETD) Tracking
First-Class Mail United States and Canada up to 7 days delivery IMB
USPS Ground United States 3-5 days delivery available
USPS Priority United States 1-3 days delivery available
FedEx Overnight United States, Canada, International Next-Day delivery available

Ready to get started?

No monthly fee; no credit card required.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way businesses handle payments by providing a secure, convenient, and automated solution for check printing and mailing.

Consider how much more productive you could be with almost half a week's worth of business time regained, and we're here to assist you with that!