How to Mail Checks Safely During the Pandemic

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August 11, 2020
As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to swell and much of the world remains on lock-down, organizations across the globe continue to adopt remote work strategies in order to do their part to maintain social distancing and help slow the spread of the virus.

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to swell and much of the world remains on lock-down, organizations across the globe continue to adopt remote work strategies in order to do their part to maintain social distancing and help slow the spread of the virus.

In the US alone, the percentage of working adults claimed they worked from home specifically due to the COVID-19 pandemic rose from 31% in mid-March to 49% only a few days later and 59% a week after that, as per data from Gallup. During mid-April, remote work leveled off at 62%.

Certain accounting processes such as those involving check payments have been transitioned to be conducted remotely and as this practice becomes the new normal, more and more companies are looking for the safest way to send their payments through the mail.

Although sending a check through mail is often safe, you can enhance your security by following certain steps. In this post, we’ll discuss how to mail check safely.

Acquire the assistance of a check fulfillment provider

Issuing checks can be cumbersome, and overseeing your companies’s accounting processes is no easy task. To reduce the workload and to boost productivity, you can enlist the assistance of a check fulfillment service.

Some providers can do more than just solve your questions on how to mail a check to someone. Checkflo can sync and integrate with accounting platforms such as QuickBooks, so that your accounting processes can be streamlined further.

With a check fulfillment provider, anybody in accounts payable or you bookkeeper can simply import the check data and select a delivery service. The platform immediately does everything for you, from personalizing your checks with your brand, printing your actual checks and handing them over to your recipient via mail.

Irregardless of the COVID-19 crisis, The Economist has reported that there could be more than 1 billion remote workers by 2035, so with these functions, you can now send checks wherever you may be and whatever time you want, making it the perfect option for emerging remote work processes.

Check for additional services

Every check fulfillment service online has extra functions that are available upon request. You can check for delivery options from couriers and select whichever one you prefer.

You can even choose to accelerate your delivery! Let’s say you need to get a check delivered as soon as possible. You can select our FedEx next delivery option that will get your check right where it needs to be the next  business day while providing a tracking number.

Meanwhile, for other solutions that can assist you in your organization’s bookkeeping needs, you can also check out this comparison of the best accounts payable software solutions.

Review your check fulfillment service

Because you’re putting your checks in the hands of an external service, you need to have a good idea of their professional background, security measures as well as successful case studies when it comes to issuing checks.

Are their services being used by government offices to issue tax check refunds to citizens? Do they specialize in refunding insurance company checks or in processing rebate checks? Is it possible to mail a check online when paying your bills and utilities?

Look up all the scenarios your check fulfillment service has been involved with and see if it aligns with your business needs and if it checks with all your requirements.

Review your bank and check information before you submit

Part of how to mail a check to someone includes setting up your bank accounts to oversee the entire process of issuing checks. Some check fulfillment services can accommodate up to 10 bank accounts, which is a pretty decent number for any company looking to process payments through multiple bank accounts successfully.

When you mail a check online, you need to be sure that all information on your check is correct before hitting send. Most online bill and payment systems come with enforced security, but there will always be room for human errors when issuing checks.

Make sure that you have your check recipient’s name correct, so that the document can be payable to the right person. Double check the amount as well as address. Get all account numbers correct and set deadlines for reception too.

When you’re an organization that delivers checks in large volumes and requires particular needs, you can mail a check online with configurable solutions that can help you issue checks and process them.

Tried and tested solutions, enhanced security

When handling checks, you need to incorporate trusty tools to your accounting processes that cover both efficiency and security. The best way to mail a check online is via check fulfillment service like Checkflo, which you can easily subscribe to in the market, given the growing number of available providers.

We hope that by the end of this article, you can give our check fulfillment service a try, so you can finally meet your check mate.

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