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How to Create a Checkflo Online Business Account

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Guide for Creating a New Online Business Account with Checkflo App

This guide will walk you through the steps to create and setup Online Business account in the Checkflo App.




Step by step guide

Step 1: Signing Up with Checkflo

Please proceed by clicking the button to access the registration form:

Step 2: Completing Checkflo Sign-Up Form

Fill in the necessary information, agree to the terms and conditions, and then submit the form.

Registration Form - Checkflo Online Business Account

Step 3: Providing Bank Account Details

Input your company’s bank account details, which encompass the account holder’s name, bank name, and bank address. Once completed, click the “Save And Keep Editing” option. Please note that this action saves the information, but the Bank Account will remain inactive at this stage.

Checkflo - Check Printing Add Bank Account Information

Step 4: Customizing Check Settings

Customize your check settings by providing the following information:

  • Bank Information (Required): Routing Number and Account Number
  • Signature of the Signing Officer (Required)
  • Company Logo on Bank Check (Optional)
  • Custom Message on Check Stub (Optional)
  • Signing Officer Approval for Enhanced Security (Optional)
  • Void Check Image (Optional)

Step 5: Reviewing and Activating Bank Account

Before proceeding to activate your account, kindly ensure that the displayed information on the check is accurate. Once reviewed, click the “Activate My Account” button. Following activation, Checkflo will conduct a review of your submitted information. An email notification will be sent to you upon approval of your account.

Review Bank Account Information

Step 6: Uploading Check Payments

  • Please begin by downloading the help guide for instructions (available in PDF format).
  • Next, obtain a CSV file and populate it with the necessary check payment data.
  • Once your CSV file is prepared, choose the desired Bank Account from the dropdown list – the one from which you intend to issue payments.
  • Subsequently, upload the CSV file as per the guidelines provided.
Checkflo Dashboard - Upload Bank Check Payments

For any question please call us at 1-855-561-4273 or contact us by following this link.

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