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Checkflo App for QuickBooks Online
January 26, 2023

Have you ever liked a software service but as soon as there is a problem you find out there is only outsourced "support" behind the curtain? Checkflo has a great service and REAL customer support. I have been sending out all my checks through Checkflo (even ones I would typically hand carry to vendors) because I now have a permanent record of each transaction and confirmation that it was sent. It also seamlessly integrates with takes less than 5 minutes to send all my checks each week. However, when I made a mistake with my check #s, the CheckFlo team worked hard to fix. I spoke to an actual manager at CheckFlo and had a great experience. Highly recommend!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Powerful Features for Business Owners

  • Payments can be a powerful marketing opportunity!
  • Connects with Quickbooks.
  • Mail checks with one click.
  • Can be set up with multiple banks.

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