The True Costs of a Writing a Check

Check Printing and mailing
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January 8, 2022
Explore the hidden costs of check processing and how Checkflo's services can save businesses time and money while maintaining a trusted payment method.

Physical Checks: A Persistent B2B Payment Method 

Despite the rise of digital payments, many businesses in the U.S. continue to rely on checks for various reasons. They are universally recognized, provide businesses with a buffer due to processing delays, and are considered a trusted method of transferring funds. Small and medium-sized companies make up the majority of businesses that still issue paper checks, with about 70% of their payments being made this way. However, the costs associated with printing and sending checks can be substantial. Checkflo, an online check writing, printing, and disbursement service, can help businesses save time and money by streamlining this process.


The Direct and Indirect Costs of Issuing Checks

Issuing checks for small and medium-sized businesses entails both direct and indirect costs that add up significantly over time. Here are some key points to consider:

        • Labor costs: Employees spend time reviewing payments, printing, and processing checks, which takes away from other productive tasks.
        • Check volume: The number of checks issued affects the overall expenses associated with check processing.
        • Supplies: Costs of check stock and envelope supplies, as well as MICR toners required for check printing, can add up over time.
        • Printing equipment and maintenance: Businesses need to invest in printers and maintain them, adding to the overall costs.
        • Mailing preparation: The time and effort spent on preparing checks for mailing, including postage costs and visits to the post office, contribute to the total expenses.
        • Bank fees: Issuing checks often involves various bank fees, adding to the total cost.

Additionally, the opportunity costs of time and resources that could have been allocated to other tasks within the business should also be considered. As a result, the financial burden of check processing can be substantial for small and medium-sized companies, motivating them to seek more efficient and cost-effective solutions for their payment processing needs.

The Cost of In House Processing vs Checkflo


Check Printing & Mailing

• Monthly Materials: $500
• Monthly Postage: $335
• Monthly Labour: $1,280



Check Printing & Mailing

• $199 per check printed & mailed
• High security check stock
• 1 day dispatch
• Reporting
• Tracking

*Based on 500 checks a month and a three employee review process

Checkflo Online Check Printing and Disbursement Services

Bank of America estimates that businesses lose anywhere from $4 to $20 to cut, mail, and process each paper check within its network, while Aberdeen Group reports an average cost of a check payment to be $7.78. For a small company printing and mailing 50 checks a month using internal resources, the potential savings are anywhere between $1,200 and $10,800 annually by switching to Checkflo.

Checkflo’s services, at just $1.99 per check, are not only more cost-effective but also free up employees’ time to focus on their work rather than printing checks, stuffing and stamping envelopes, and visiting the post office. Furthermore, Checkflo offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Online for added convenience.

With Checkflo, businesses pay no monthly fees and enjoy a comprehensive suite of services for just $1.99 per check printed & mailed, which includes:

        • Access to a user-friendly online check writer for easy check creation, reporting, and management.

        • High-security check stock and postage included, ensuring the safe and reliable delivery of payments without additional expenses for your business.

        • Customized branded checks that showcase your business’s professionalism and comply with bank requirements.

In addition to these features, Checkflo provides end-to-end service that covers check printing, processing, packaging, address verification, and presorting mail. With a fast 1-day dispatch, your payments are sent promptly, ensuring your business maintains a healthy cash flow. To further enhance security, Checkflo also offers Positive Pay reports, reducing the risk of check fraud. Lastly, advanced reporting and tracking tools allow you to monitor payment status and history, giving you full control and visibility over your company’s finances.

Savings with Checkflo

Businesses that issue physical check payments can benefit from outsourcing this tedious task to a check fulfillment service like Checkflo. By utilizing Checkflo’s services, companies can save time and money, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.


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