The True Costs of a Writing a Check

Check Printing and mailing
Written by Sean T.
July 13, 2021
There are several reasons that explain the fact that many businesses in the U.S. still use checks for payments.

There are several reasons that explain the fact that many businesses in the U.S. still use checks for payments. Checks are universally known and accepted as a payment method and all businesses know how they work. Another reason is that many businesses prefer the delays that come with processing, which provides businesses with a few more liquidity days. There are plenty of other options for moving money, however, even though checks might be hassle to write, they are a classic, trusted way of moving funds.

A majority of small business still send paper checks

Paper checks are still a major component of payments for the majority of businesses. Several studies show that smaller/medium sized companies make 70 percent of their payments by checks. However, for many companies, especially small operations, the time and resources needed to print and send those checks can end up costing more than expected. For these companies, and larger ones as well, using a check fulfillment service like Checkflo that is fully dedicated to check printing and mailing can save your business big money and a lot of time.

The Cost of Paper Checks vs Checkflo

Old Way

Check Printing & Mailing

• Monthly Materials: $150
• Monthly Postage: $235
• Monthly Labour: $1,280



Check Printing & Mailing

• $199 per check
• Branded checks
• 1 day dispatch
• Reporting
• Tracking

*Based on 500 checks a month and a three employee review process

The direct and indirect costs of checks

Overall, the cost of issuing checks for small/medium sized companies an estimated $26 billion annually. When you consider the cost breakdown, it can differ significantly between businesses due to several variables, with the foremost being labor.

A recent study estimates over $1,280 in labor costs are associated with paper checks each month for a company that issues 500 checks with 3 employees reviewing the payments. Additional variables include check volume, check & envelopes supplies, printing, mailing preparation, and more. The study identified the total estimated monthly cost of $2,045 and total yearly cost at $25,540. Moreover, the Wall Street Journal also reports that a business can easily spend up to $25k on materials, manpower, postage, and bank fees. Luckily, Checkflo offers check fulfillment services that takes the process of printing, processing and mailing checks off your hands at a much lower price tag!

Bank of America estimates that businesses lose anywhere from $4 to $20 to cut, mail, and process each paper check within its network, while Aberdeen Group reports an average cost of a check payment to be $7.78. For a small company printing and mailing 50 checks a month using internal resources, the savings are potentially anywhere between $1,530 and $11,130, annually by switching to Checkflo.

As long as businesses keep sending their payments by check, companies large and small can benefit from outsourcing this tedious task to a check fulfillment service like Checkflo to recoup irreplaceable time, and most importantly, money!

Cost savings with Checkflo

With the lowest average cost of a company using internal resources for check printing and mailing coming in at $4 per check, Checkflo’s cost at $1.99 is just smart money. (On a side note, Checkflo also makes the process extra-painless by offering seamless integration with QuickBooks Online.) Not only are you saving on your bottom line, but workers are freed up to devote time to their work, rather than printing checks, stuffing and stamping envelopes, then visiting the post office.


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