Navigating the Future of Business Payments: Checkflo at the Small Business Expo

Checkflo Team at the Small Business Expo
Written by Editor
September 15, 2023
Discover how Checkflo is bridging the gap in small business payments. Get insights on why online check printing and mailing is a great solution for vendor payments.

At the recent Small Business Expo in Los Angeles, Checkflo found itself at the intersection of innovation and real-world business payment challenges. As we connected with talented professionals and visionary small businesses, the expo served as a platform to both discuss obstacles in vendor payments and showcase how Checkflo’s solutions in check printing and mailing are simplifying this landscape. In this blog post, we’ll share insights, challenges, and solutions, alongside exclusive snapshots of our team in action.

Small Business Payment Challenges

Organizations face many challenges related to payment management, including high costs, cash flow issues, risks of payment fraud, and lack of transparency. Each payment method—be it ACH transfers, wire transfers, credit cards, gift cards, or traditional checks—comes with its own set of hurdles.

        • ACH Transfers
        • While they might seem convenient, ACH transfers can be complicated because you need the recipient’s bank account information to send payments. ACH transfers also offer less control over cash flow since the money leaves your bank account instantly.
        • Credit Cards
        • Credit cards are notorious for their high fees, such as 2.9% transaction fees. These fees can add up, particularly for small businesses that may already operate on thin margins.
        • Gift Cards
        • Gift cards are paid for upfront, and if they aren’t used, the money is essentially wasted. Additionally, managing gift cards can be administratively burdensome with no real time visibility into their usage.
        • Traditional Checks
        • These require manual handling, stamps, envelopes, and a trip to the bank, making them very expensive and labor-intensive.

Bridging the Gap in Business Payments: The Checkflo Advantage

What sets Checkflo apart is its ability to digitize and simplify the process of sending business checks. Checkflo enables you to pay anyone in the US or Canada using only their mailing address. You create a check template once, and after that, it’s just a matter of uploading payment data and clicking ‘Process.’ No more manual handling, no more check stock, and no more stamps and envelopes. Best of all, your money stays in your bank account until the check is cashed, giving you better control over your cash flow. So, if you find yourself wrestling with the limitations of your current payment methods, it might be time to explore how Checkflo can align with your business needs.

The Checkflo Experience at the Small Business Expo

Our team engaged with small businesses facing various payment-related challenges, from high costs to manual processing. What resonated with many was Checkflo’s simple, yet effective, solution for automating check payments.

Quotes from the Team

Richard Rockman, VP of Sales and Business Development:

“The Small Business Expo allowed us to tap into the real-world frustrations businesses experience with payments. Whether they are sending checks themselves or working closely with those who do, the challenges are consistent and pressing.”

Maria Armstrong, Director of Sales:

The Small Business Expo was an eye-opener.What really resonated with people was how Checkflo seamlessly blends digital ease with the reliability of traditional checks. We’re not just modernizing the process, we’re transforming it.”

Brandon Sigal, Head of Customer Experience:

Our conversations at the Expo revealed that checks still play an essential role for many businesses; the main issue is their manual nature. What resonated with people is how Checkflo solves this by simplifying payment processes and cutting costs, bringing the best of both worlds together.”

Why Checkflo Should Be Your Go-To Payment Solution

Cost-Effective: Pay only a flat service fee for check printing and mailing, without any hidden or transaction fees.

User-Friendly: Our platform is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, making it quick to onboard and start making payments.

Flexible: Send payments to anyone in the US or Canada using just a mailing address.

Secure: Checkflo is safeguarded with bank-grade encryption, ensuring that both your payments and data are secure. 

Wrapping Up

Our time at the Small Business Expo was not only memorable but also incredibly insightful. It gave us the opportunity to understand the challenges businesses face and how Checkflo can be a part of the solution. We’re excited about the new relationships we’ve formed and look forward to turning those into long-lasting partnerships. Let’s keep the conversation going. Feel free to reach out to explore how Checkflo can align with your business needs.

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