How to Protect Your Business from Check Washing

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October 4, 2023
Combat the rising threats of check washing and fraud with fortified measures. Discover how Checkflo's blend of world-class MICR toner and advanced security features ensures your business checks remain uncompromised. Dive in to secure every transaction.


Is It Safe to Send Checks in the Mail Amid Check Washing Concerns?


Sending checks through the mail has been a trusted business practice for years. However, the rising threat of check washing, where criminals manipulate checks’ details, is causing concern. Yet, even in this challenging landscape, checks can be shielded from these risks. At Checkflo, we don’t just handle your check printing and mailing; we’re fortifying them, ensuring each payment remains firmly in your control. 

Tamper-Evident, Premium MICR Toner 

We utilize the world’s most secure MICR toner to print your business checks, ensuring not just compliance with ABA standards but also providing an additional, impenetrable layer of defense against fraud attempts. Unlike standard MICR toners, this innovative solution goes the extra mile to protect your checks from being manipulated. Here’s how it works: When someone attempts to alter the check, a distinct red dye is released, preventing their efforts by visibly staining the paper and making it evident that tampering has occurred. Our MICR check printing equips your business checks with tamper-evident technology, firmly guarding against check fraud attempts.

Laser Checks with Built-in Security

Keeping paper checks secure doesn’t stop with the magnetic ink. At Checkflo, our laser checks are crafted with a suite of built-in security features designed to counteract various forms of check fraud, ensuring your business checks are tamper-proof. Let’s break it down:

  • Microprinting: Tiny text that’s virtually impossible to reproduce, preventing counterfeiting attempts with seemingly subtle details.

  • Watermarked Paper: This authenticates every check with a watermark that’s visible under specific conditions, an old-school trick that still stumps fraudsters.

  • Thermochromatic Heat Sensitive Icon: Heat-activated symbol that changes color with touch or breath, offering on-the-spot legitimacy verification.

  • Toner Fuse: Permanent bonding of laser toner to paper, resisting any attempts to lift data off the check.

  • Visible & Invisible Fluorescent Fibers: Fluorescent fibers that are randomly distributed on both sides of the check paper, making unauthorized reproduction using photocopiers or scanners a significant challenge.

Encrypted Payment Approvals

Checkflo’s Batch Payment Approval workflows bring an organized and secure payment processing method to your operations. By allowing the addition of signing officers, each check must obtain explicit approval before being processed, protecting against unauthorized transactions. Checks are held securely until cleared by the designated authority, ensuring adherence to your internal controls and providing an additional shield against unexpected issues and deliberate fraud attempts. This precise mechanism seamlessly integrates security and organization into your Checkflo payment process, ensuring each transaction is safeguarded and authorized appropriately.

Fraud Prevention using Positive Pay

Think of Positive Pay as your easy-to-use, powerful guard against check fraud. At Checkflo, creating Positive Pay reports is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can generate a report that include all the key details—date, amount, check number, and payee name—in a format that’s compatible with all major U.S. banks. The bank, in turn, authorizes payments only for those checks, flagging any discrepancies for your immediate attention. And the best part? This extra layer of security comes at no extra cost to you, making safeguarding your checks simple and cost-effective.

Address Verification & Correction 

With Checkflo, secure MICR check printing is just the start – we also keep your payments safe during delivery. By integrating with top shipping carriers, we utilize their capabilities to verify and correct addresses, ensuring your checks reach the right destination. This avoids the hassle and risk of misdirected payments, offering you an extra layer of security. So, your payments not only start secure – they stay secure, every step of the way.

Real Time Postal Tracking & Digital Reports 

Automated mail handling and thorough postal tracking mean you’re in the know about your check payments at each stage of their journey. Combining cutting-edge technology with a team of experts, Checkflo assures that from printing to delivery, every check is handled with utmost care, ensuring a secure and efficient transition through every step.


Let Checkflo secure and mail your checks

When the mailing of checks is crucial for your business operations, it’s essential to do it right to protect against fraud and check washing. Don’t just mail them – let Checkflo do it for you. With our robust security measures, from specialized MICR toner to Positive Pay reports, we ensure each payment is sent with the highest degree of security, safeguarding your funds every step of the way.


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