How to enter the recipient address in QuickBooks

In the expense menu on the left side, click on the supplier tab and make sure the information for every supplier is correct.

1 In the edit supplier tab, please leave first name and last name blank unless the check is intended to go to a specific person or department. When entering a first and last name (ex: Mathieu Laplante) for a company (ex: Hydro Quebec) will result in in Hydro Quebec C/O Mathieu Laplante being printed on the check as seen the image below.

If the check is meant for a specific department of a company, please put the department name in the first and last name field. For example, if a check is meant for the collections department, please input “Collections” as the first name and input  “Department” as the last name.

2 Please make sure the Company name is exactly the same as on “Display name as” that is what will be printed on the check.

3 The Checkflo platform only pulls the address from the Edit Vendor/Supplier window (3.A) and NOT from the check expense window (3.B). Please verify that the address is complete and correct to avoid returns.


4 Checkflo will pull data from the memo field (can be used for invoice numbers as an example), we encourage you use this feature if you want to keep track of the number of invoices sent to the recipient.



If you intend on using the FedEx option, the recipient’s phone number is required.